The Perfect Day off

I have two scenarios of a day of my ideal and my reality…

My ideal day off is,to go to a magical land that it’s called outside.Switch off every electronical device and enjoy nature walking on a track or running, going to a beach or even hanging out with people that are my friends..

My real day off is locking myself into my cave(aka my bedroom), looking outside the window and imagine what I described before. Then I feel bad so I binge watching half a season of Charmed and I soon realise that I am wasting my time on Charmed, (that I love by the way). In the end my brain works on: no you are not going outside just sit inside it’s so much easier, but my heart is skipping to go outside or create something.

So I solemnly say that because I love to do both maybe my perfect day off is nor inside or outside but both!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sparkling or Still.”


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Day off

  1. You have a blog post to write, Idiotbox is only a distraction!

    Yeah, of course I do it too. But if I’m feeling serious about doing a little writing, the Box must die. I’m too weak to write with the Box turned on. πŸ˜›

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