I call upon the great power, my mum

I call upon the great power, my mum. This is a story not about calling her, but her taping into my head on a great need.
This is how it begun:

On a moonless night I went out with my friends for drinks. I was wearing a white lace dress that I bought that day with my red boots, that I bought not so long ago too.Adding on that my grandmother insisted that I take her leather black bag, my resistance failed and so I left the house with her bag as well.

It was Saturday and the night seem promising; that day was our day; we were a big company flirting, laughing and a warm glass of sangria was making this night great.

Well I should probably get to the part that the real story begins.

And so when the night ended, everyone went apart to return to their warm homes. As I was walking to my grandparents place, a car came and stoped and two guys inside started talking to me “hello pretty lady” and they were going slower and slower. I was panicking that sign wasn’t good and suddenly my mums voice was in my head saying “quick turn the opposite way they can’t come is a one way street” and so I did. I waited for them to turn and I started running up again towards my house but unfortunately they were parked a block away.

My heart was rasing, I hold on tight to my grandmothers bag and started walk/run with my head down. One of the guys came after me laughing, saying ” hold on sweety don’t go” he tried to grab my ass. I turned looked at his face and there it was my mums voice again ” hit him, he will not except it coming” and so I did.

That hit was a sock, he took a step back. I did it again, thank god for my grandmother bag. He went back to the car with his friend to come after me. I run, and suddenly stopped, they passed me. I waited at the corner to if they still coming after me, as soon as I saw the car on the other block I run, I run so fast that I got to my house safe.

I was so scared and so glad that my mum on the darkest and the scariest moments of my life was in my head guiding me. I wouldn’t be able to go through this without my mums help not then not now.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Calling Uncle Bob.”


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