Ten Thousand Hours

You know when you get a wake up call from yourself?

Yes, I know how rare it is, but never late than ever.

So this is what happen, two years ago I realised the thing I want to do in my life wasn’t hospitality but art. What did I do? I applied for it, and I went on a summer school to hone my skills in drawing. I was really insecure of them and that I wouldn’t be able to succeed in the course that I got accepted.

Something amazing happened on this summer course tho, I met the tutor that changed my life. I am grateful that I passed his path because not only he encourage me to keep trying, but he said something that I will never forget:

“Elektra, you work so hard and you know what? One day you going to do better than everybody in this class because you never give up. Remember this, you need ten thousand hours to master it.”

I proudly have to say that, that sentenceΒ guided me those two years as one of the top students, who thought, that this person helped me understand that anything can Β be done with some practice and persuasion.

So thank you, best tutor that I met.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Never Too Late.”


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