Luck can go either way

It was a great day for skiing, not until I decided to have a break. You would think that in a sunny day it wouldn’t cause any problem, but because I was just unlucky before I knew it the weather has changed from sunny to a snow storm.

So the only I could do is put my ski’s on and go to the nearest shelter. I was lucky enough to find one and to be open, my luck hasn’t run out yet, I thought. I quickly searched for a phone or something to give notice to people to come and find me. There was nothing. I screamed to me self, stay calm there is no use to be in panic mode.

I turned on the lights and when on a hunt for firewood, luckily there was some in the other room. I carried everything to the fireplace and tried to light them, it took  an hour. The storm was getting worse and suddenly the lights gone off. Great I murmur to myself, so I went closer to the fire and tried to warm myself up. The cold was creeping through the walls and my negative thoughts were increasing, that I wouldn’t be saved and that soon the fire is going to go off because there was no other firewood.

I was thinking that moment if I was in a horror movie I would be probably the next person to die. As I thought that the wind started howling.

It was so cold, so cold indeed.

Nothing to do, but wait for a rescue, but the thoughts on my mind wouldn’t leave me alone. That a psycho Killer is out there ready to kill me and I didn’t do anything to save myself. Morbid I know but the only thing I could keep in my mind was that someone was playing with my head. With these   thoughts, I fell asleep.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Under the Snow.”


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