Mustard in the pie

This is an instructional piece of using the mustard in almost everything.
I know people love Ketchap, but honestly mustard is way more healthier for you than ketchap.

Mustard has been used not only for medical purposes such as general muscular pain and toothache, but in food to.

When I cook I try to use mustard in my recipies. Yes, it makes a difference. It gives a special punch to the food.

Honestly it makes your life easier.

So getting to my point use mustard in anything, mince, pies, sandwiches, salads and so on. Be creative, but never over do it.

My way favourite way of using mustard is inside a veganvegetarian mice pie. Bizarre, but I tell you, since I became a vegetarian I turned my favourite foods to vegetarian food, hence the “mince”.

So people out there that love pies and love vegetarianvegan can try this recipie.


1tsp vegemite
1tsp soy sauce
1tbsp mustard
1tsp rosemary
1tsp thyme
1 tsp garlic chopped up
1 onion
1 capsicum
4 portobello mushrooms
1 packet quorn mince (vegetarianvegan)
cheese optional
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 can tomatoes
2 cups of veggie stock


1. Heat the oil, but honestly if you don’t have coconut oil use olive oil or whatever oil you have. Put the garlic and the onion into the pan till golden.
2. Put the rest of the veggies, till almost soft and the then put the mince.
3. Quickly add all the herbs, and vegemite, soy and mustard. Stir for a couple minutes.
4. Put the veggie stock to the pan and stir for another couple minutes and then put the can of tomatoes.
5. reduce all liquid (it takes time, depends how high or low you have the heat. Remember to stir regularly)

6. By the time everything is ready you will be starving ( FUN FACT). So I recommend that you don’t waste time and cut the pastry place the mince inside and cook for 45minutes to 180c, fan bake.

7. If you really dying and you need to eat pronto, either put it in a piece of toast or boil some pasta.

Remember mustard will make your life more beautiful. Use it with care. I don’t, I buy it every week.


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