How to waste an hour of your life

This is how it started, I woke up and decided that I wanted to go for shopping. When I mean shopping, its usually bathroom stuff or house stuff not a big fun on buying cloths, too many.

So I went to my lovely car, and travelled the distance of 10 minutes to get to the store.

I have to say I get really anxious when shopping, so I tend to do it fast or I wonder around like I have never seen civilization in my life. In other words I might go to the same section 5 times till I find what I want.

The other shopping technique that i have is go scan the whole shop 3 times, find what I want, wonder around like a crazy person and then buy it. It works, but hey I seem like a crazy person in both circumstances.

Anyway, this post is not how I waste my time on shopping, because that method it takes me more than an hour.

It’s how I came to the decision that I needed a shoe self thing for my shoes. So I said lucky me, it’s on SPECIAL $15 only. I wish I knew back then that 15 dollars going to scar me for life.

To cut the long story short, I went home and relaxed. I decided that it will be a good idea to put this together the next day, NOT.

My luck has not been together for that matter, It took me an hour of hurting myself and selves flying to my head till I decided that I am a retard and I cannot put something together that simple.

Complained to my boyfriend about it, and he was like its ok baby, bring to my place I will do it for you, you are not a retard( but secretly saying, “what a retard” I will do it like in 5minutes)

It turns out the selves was a cm bigger as I suspected. In the end he asked for my help to put this together and I refused, let him suffer as I did.I felt bad in the end, so I helped him held everything together and bend the selves so I can have a shoe rack.

It was quite entertaining and a big mission. For once he admitted that i was wright and now I have nice bent leaning shoe rack, modern and arty. Always see the bright side, cannot say that I loved the moment but it was certainly funny to see someone else be in the same situation as me.

So this is how to waste an hour of your life, Just go and buy 15$ faulty shoe rack and join the game.


One thought on “How to waste an hour of your life

  1. I definitely shop in a similar fashion! I have to see the whole store at least two or three time before I buy anything.

    I think you may also have a few spelling errors in your post.

    Either way, loved it.

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