Great Love or Comfort

We all are lead to believe that love really exists and it does, but it’s not as great as you think.

We are lead to believe that love is everywhere you can experience it in your life by the one you choose to be with. The people we choose to be with; do we really love them? or is it just comfort that keeps us safe from feeling the real thing?

That is a big question, that I will answer a bit later. Now my goal is to take you in a journey how I came up with the idea that love doesn’t really exists or it’s so rare that can be found only in great books.

When I was thirteen I decided that love really didn’t exist because:
1. My mum couldn’t find happiness( she probably did and has, but not really the love of her life)
2. I liked too many boys
3. I couldn’t understand what is love.

I will fast forward three years.

So at my sixteen I decide to read some classical novels, and one of them was “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte. I tell you, that book changed my perception on what love is. I made my grandpa buy the book for me. He asked me, “why you want this book?” , it was fairly simple, I never experienced love such as this. I know it was just a great book and not reality, but I wished right then and there that I want to experience such a great love. SO unbearable that you can’t stay together but can’t be apart.

I said then this is not just love but great love. How rare is to find a great love?

The years passed and read more books about love, had my fun, felt love and moved on.

Sadly we are all meant to feel love and our whole world to shutter under out feet when we do feel it. But we also meant to stand up and move on. I personally learned that it’s easier every time to move on because after a while there are not many pieces to put back into your heart.

Is it because we stop believing? or we just stopped feeling pain?

Or just people started to choose comfort over great love?

Comfort is not bad thing, you know it’s going to be there forever if not forever for a long time. With great love tho you never know when is going to end because it’s so powerful and explosive. People spend their lives on seeking that great love and when they do, get shuttered and bitter or not.

Do we really need great love?

I would say yes we do and although it’s rare to find it exists, in books, songs, and in our hearts. Also, I discovered that great love can be in any relationship. The real question is do people believe in great love? or choose to put it aside for comfort.




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