The Mug speaks to me

I am not a morning person so the first thing I do after I have been to the toilet is to make my yum yummy filter coffee with a dash of milk, but in order to drink I must find the mug that speaks to me. I know sounds weird, but I never drunk coffee in mug or coffee cup that has no ‘soul’.

My boyfriend laughs at me because he thinks its funny that I am in great search of a perfect mug that its going to define me as a person and my habits.

Well, I always open the self and look all those coffee cups and I try to look carefully to see which one is the one. Today I chose a dark blue with a chip in the lip. Why you may ask I chose an almost broken one, because in my everyday life I don’t stop to take a breath and when I actually stop and take a break, it’s like I am chipping away( I don’t know if that is a thing). So the cup is as symbol of my everyday life.

Anyway, do you have a cup that speaks to you?

I am still trying to find one.

PS. I think I over explained my weird procedure.

Stay awesome


2 thoughts on “The Mug speaks to me

  1. I, honestly, usually aim for the biggest cup – I think my reason is pretty obvious as to why :). Lovely piece – I hope you can take the time today to have a cup of tea and watch the sunset with the boyfriend.

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