Balcony With View

Imagine a place in the world that you can hide and still see where you come from.

I have that special place and it’s my home, in Greece, Skiathos. I have a house there that it’s on a hill/mountain and there is a balcony with a view.

It’s a place that I go to when I am sad, lost, tired and stressed. The image that comes to my mind is me sitting at a weaved chair with my feet on the edge of the balcony staring at the view and the wind slowly blowing away my hair.

I instantly remember why I am so strong and I can do anything. I believe that balcony represents all the things that my mum taught me and the roots that I am carrying with me. It gives me strength to remember it, that can only fit 2 chairs and a small table. The memories of that place are amazing, so strong, so full of life. It’s the spirit of those ones that keeps that place alive.


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