Square eyes,Hair gremlins and Study

So here in New Zealand is Monday morning and I decided today not to create art but study (write my bio, cv etc) for my course. So I woke up and the first thing I did was not to study, but to dye my hair red. I have to say I am a pretty awkward person and me dying my hair was a challenge. I got the dye on my face, around the sink and walls. In the meantime, I did a schedule what I need to do today. I did promise myself that I am going to write most of the things I need to write.There not complicated just time consuming.

Washing my hair to get the dye out. It’s ridiculous how many hair gremlins I lost. I thought for a moment that I WAS GOING TO GET BOLD. My hair is still where they suppose to be 🙂 thumbs up for the most awkward person trying to dye their hair on the own and they succeeded.

Anyway, I will finish this post saying that I have Netflix and my eyes are turning square. I need to switch off on the mode of watching and switch on the mode of writing.

So, me, myself and I and the hair gremlins are going to be writing their artist statement, artist bio and artist cv for today.

Thumbs up to me trying to be funny.

Stay awesome people.


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