So every night I have been having these nightmares that I don’t remember, but the feeling is that I am terrified and stressed. It’s like I am having panic attacks in my sleep. Sometimes I wake 3 in the morning sometimes 5 or 6, never can remember anything but defently stressed and worried when I wake up. I am half way through my final year and I am having those dreams or I say nightmares. It is draining me.. I feel everyday less secure. Today was terrible I woke with this terrible feeling and I can’t get rid of it..
Do you have any advice?
Feeling lost a little bit.


2 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. try to take some deep breath immediately after waking up to begin calming yourself, that should help reduce your heart racing, then follow it up with some self-talk that you are okay, you are find, everything is going to be okay. Continue more deep breathing count 7 breaths in, hold for 5, exhale for 8 repeat as many times as needed and hopefully you will fall back to sleep.

  2. Maybe as you draw closer to the completion of something, you start panicking. From what you have said before, you have found it difficult to complete things before but this time you have no one to rescue or save you-if you fail, it would be a terrible blow not only to your independence and forging of a new life but to your confidence and self-belief. Don’t fear the panic, embrace it for what it is-those irrelevant voices which question your ability and accept, embrace and envision a successful Elektra travelling closer and closer to her dream life.

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