I love my brother

So my brother is quite ill for a week or so and yesterday admitted to the hospital; he is ok he is out now, but I have a confession to make. I feel that I am a bad sister, because I didn’t go to see him at the hospital. So me and my dad had a talk about it last night and he asked me, why didn’t go. How would you feel if you were quite ill and no one came to see you from your family. So I decided to answer those questions.

I didn’t go and see him because I was scared; in my life everything is floating and me going there that meant I cared and I care a lot, but I have the issue with loss and I was scared that something bad would happen. So I ignored my instincts for visiting I pretended everything was fine.

On the second question If I was sick at hospital no matter how it would sound, I think that my family wouldn’t be there(my mum yes, but not anybody else).

So i wouldn’t feel anything because I don’t except something from them.

So today I went home on my break from Tech and told my brother that I really loved him and I apologisedΒ Β that I don’t show it often.


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