LIEBSTER AWARD- Got nominated, my turn now

Hello humans of the world,

I got great news I got nominated for Liebster award, how awesome is that! I am Super excited for that, I would like to thank the person you did it A thought of a mind.

So I woke up today and checked my phone and I saw WordPress notifications and I thought men I haven’t posted for ages, feeling a little guilty for not having anything to post for a while. So When I saw the nomination I started jumping up and down from joy. Never thought someone would like my blog so much that will nominate me. So it is my turn to nominate and answer questions.



So here it goes I am answering the questions now:)

  1. Which three people have inspired you the most in your life and how?

My Mum, she is awesome, I can’t describe how brilliant she is not only she taught me valuable things in life, but the things she did in her life is amazing.

My grandma, she had a rough patch in her life, but she is a rock in my life. Every time I  am in dilemma I think of her and her advice, she is in my mind every day inspiring me to be the best.

A Youtuber ( Ana Akana) She is an inspiration because she is making her dreams come true, she doesn’t wait a fairy to grant them.

All those people grabbed life by the balls and said I can do this, and so can I.

What’s your best writing place and mood?

My best writing place is the living room or kitchen. I love it when people just disappear from the house and have it for myself. My mood, I would say that I write pretty awesome poems when I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown or crying my face off o. When I am happy I post photos 😛 and when I am stressed I write to relieve myself.

If you could dedicate your blog to someone, who would it be?

My friend Fouli :), she got a blog when we were teenagers and she showed me; I got so jealous that I did one too, but it turned out me to be the blogger and not her. So I thank her for opening me into a new world of writing.

Your best memory so far.

I am terrible for saying this, but the best memory so far when someone that I know called to the toilet and told me to get them underwear.

I asked: why did you shit your pants?

the answer was: yes

So funny moment still think of it when I am down.

What is the thing you hate the most?

Fake People.

What kind of quality do you expect to see in a person when you first meet him/her?

To like me when I have a total bitch face then I know they are awesome. Those people usually became my best friends 😛

5 things you badly want right now?

  1. Move Out
  2. Make dreams come true by going after them
  3. Study Applied writing
  4. Have my own house
  5. Have a dog

One of your worthy values you have learnt in your experience?

Never rely on others, be your own anchor.

Story behind your blog?

My blog name was different till one of my friends made me change it, so I thought Unpredictable Life would be good cause life is unpredictable and my writing too 🙂

Your worst nightmare or thought.

I conquer my nightmares or thoughts, but my worst is disappointing the people around so I work hard all them time not to.

Your views about the word “Positive”

There is no negative or positive everything is like a line going up and down everything is worth looking at with joy, everything is unpredictable so positive has to be there.

My questions:

1. Your craziest dream and why?

2. If you could have a superpower which one would you choose and why?

3. What’s your thought on free range eggs?

4. If you could go crazy on someone who would that be?

5. What it’s your thought on running if you don’t run then walking

6. binge watching or waiting like a common peasant week by week?

7. Greatest book you ever read?

8. If you could time travel where would you go?

9. Do you change recipes?

10.  DIY difficult or easy?

11. The evilest thing you did to someone else?

My nominees:

  1. The Misfits Closet
  2. Some dreams are forgotten, others are published help the author to keep their vision alive

  3. Amazing Sotra
  4. Lavender, Life and everything nice
  5. Focal Breeze

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