Loss Of Indentity

In some point, everyone lost their identity.

Don’t you think so?

I have, in one point of my life I didn’t know who I was, what I was representing.

I think losing one part of me made me realise to find a new one, a better one. I had a good talk with myself, that’s right I am really interesting to talk to. ย Anyway I realised that I was lying to myself for a long time and my identity was formed based what others and society wanted me to do, but now I proudly could say my identity is more formed and I don’t care about the box, circle or triangle that everyone tries to place me.

Myself is important and in order to sustain it I need to do the things are important to me.

The question is WHO ARE YOU?


tell me have you lost your identity? did you find it?

It’s hard to reach to yourself nowadays with so many influences, try to reach and ask WHO AM I?

and tell me.

I am an awkward, uncoordinated, weird person that does things that most people with my qualities would stay at home. I challenge myself every day.


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