Let’s talk racism

Hello Humans,

I recently read an article on how Taylor Swift she is being racist because she didn’t cast black people in her video clip.

So let me get this straight why?

The song is Wildest Dreams and it’s set in Africa and its fictional set, and they filming a 50’s movie; so If indeed that is the case then on 50’s they wouldn’t cast black people anyway.

I don’t get it why is so racist a white person not to cast a black person, but its ok for a black person not to cast a white person and that is not racist.

So is this racism nowadays because if it is it’s pathetic!

I give the two examples of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, personally I find Minaj video clips more insulting and less meaningful.

What’s your thoughts on that kind of ‘racism’ so it’s called.

Stay awesome humans



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