A true teacher

So I have been thinking on the matter of a true teacher, and when I mean true teacher, I mean that teacher will give you knowledge unconditionally because they love to teach and share their knowledge with everybody.

I haven’t many teachers like that, in fact, I have met only a handful of them. It’s sad because the world needs teacher’s like that. When I started on the art school I had no faith I could do it, but then one of the drawing teacher, told me

“Elektra you can do it, you are behind on the whole process, but try hard enough and you could do it!”

Guess what? I did it, I am almost finished I might not have the skills that other students have, but every day I try my hardest to own my life and my art.

I learnt so much from those teachers, they gave me hope, excitement to succeed and knowledge. So world get yourself some good teacher humans need them 🙂


2 thoughts on “A true teacher

  1. yes it’s true…teachers are facilitators of learning, how can we learn if they don’t care for their students to learn. So i guess the world must produce a good teacher who cares. 🙂

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