That Rubber Teddy Bear

Greetings Humans,

Yes, the header seems a little dodgy no it’s not about sex toy or anything like that matter. In fact is about a rubber (eraser) Huge teddy bear.

So, I have never stolen anything in my life and I hate stealing, but there was one time in primary school that this girl had this eraser and I am telling you it was THE MOST amazing eraser because it was a huge teddy bear and everybody in the classroom wanted it and we could not find it in any store it was devastating. So one day I decided that I needed that teddy bear and I actually took and couple days later I started using it in front of her and she said is that mine? No, I bought it too.

Well that day she stole back her teddy bear rubber, and I realised what I did was wrong and I was not meant to have it and clearly she didn’t want me to have something similar.

Stay awesome humans!


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