Truth Serum

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

I would give it to my dad!

I would ask him,

What happen with you and mum why did you really get divorced?

Do you care about me?

Why  don’t  you show to me that you are proud?

why don’t you  tell me something nice?

I would probably have some more questions, but I can’t think of something else!

My dad is not a bad man, just strange. We both started to get to know each other and it had been challenging, but good for me.


3 thoughts on “Truth Serum

  1. Fathers are strange creatures. WHen you were born, you did not come with a manual. We could only go by what had happened to us. We would do things exactly the same… Or we would never do the things that we were harmed by the doing. The ‘real life situation’ of today did not really count. We were only reacting to what it was like for us as a child. We always wanted better for you.

    Continue to give him a chance. A relationship with a Dad is a lot like continually peeling the layers of an onion. The more layers you allow to be peeled between the two of you… a slow and careful peel… the stronger the relationship will be.

    Bless your Dad with patience. The reward will be worth it.

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