Unpuggled -Plugged

Unpuggled -Plugged

In Response to daily prompt Bloggers, Unplugged

What do I do to unplug, simple answer I plug myself back in. Meaning I just binge series non-stop. I hit the nirvana state by watching a movie or series non-stop till I get a headache and then I make myself go away and communicate with other humans in the house.

Of course when my head is busting and I can’t think, watch or read I just stare at the blank wall and pray that my headache will go away without panadol. I give up after 8 hours and I take the panadol.

Anyway, this is my unplug and plug story.




One thought on “Unpuggled -Plugged

  1. uncle still builds and flies ultralights down in Florida using Rotax Bombadier engines I believe it was. I’m not up on all of the choices, and fully realize that you already had an engine that you were re purposing, but the power to weight ratios of some of the snow mobile and motorcycle engines look pretty sweet. How about an old earth unfriendly two stroke Yes, and unfortunately on July 26th this year we had an accident on my grandparents farm .

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