Youtube is my drug when I start can’t stop I can spend hours watching without realising how many videos I am going through.

I usually start oh my favourite YouTuber has uploaded a video and then it just starts from one video to another and I always end my videos with Jimmy Fallon. He is awesome and funny.

Almost at the end of November and I feel like “oh my god please end, I need a break from writing from Nablopomo.

Secretly I love it tho.


Wishes do come true!

Wishes do come true, but not as you may think. The genie doesn’t come to you and grant you the wishes.

I believe that ourselves is the genie we make our wishes come true. It doesn’t have to be just three it can be endless. Taking our lives into our hands and making the most of it; is the best thing we can do to ourselves.


The outsider

The Outsiders

I always was one of those kids that never had a lot of friends and when I did tried to keep them. In the “pack” everyone was stealing my mojo; I was terrible at jobs and people found other cool kids to hang.

I have heard so many excuses of people not wanting to be my friend. The best was: you are so happy and you love colour and I don’t .

I was like are you serious this is not the reason to say I don’t want to be your friend.

This is one example of the craziness in my life and people made me feel an outsider.

Nowadays, when a cool person is next to me I disappear from the image or I am actually interesting and they try to take me out from the picture.

Anyways, feeling sorry for is the end 🙂

Stay awesome people.

What I ate in a day

I love and hate those videos because I see how much they eat and the only thing I can think of is; why do you have so much time to eat? Do you even work? I forget to eat during the day because I am so busy.

Honestly, I want to adapt again the habit of eating every half an hour and not to starve myself, but to organise myself needs an effort 😛

Do you ever wonder if those people have an actual job and that doesn’t include making videos for a living.




Wicked Witch Of The North

The Wicked witch of the north, is the evil close to me. She is around me every other day. The witch is mean, unreasonable and everybody calls her boss.

She becomes The wicked witch of the North when she is working only. She can’t let go of control and her jealousy of other people doing the right thing bugs her. So she tells us off. She is bitter and mean and she doesn’t understand that her green face makes us unhappy.

One day she won’t have monkeys (employs) to serve her unreasonable demands.

Everybody sees her for who she really is.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.”

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, does this blog help or entertain people?

I wish I knew If people enjoy reading this blog. Few years ago I started this blog because I thought in some way I could help or tell people are not alone in this world and experiences are what makes life so unpredictable and interesting. So yeah, maybe one day I have so many followers and so many comments and they can tell me how amazing I am.

Just kidding, I know most of the time I am talking into the void, but deep down I hope there is someone there that reads my stuff and enjoy’s it.

So Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, who the best writer of them all?

Not you, My lady.

Damn it now I have to plot how to eliminate others 😛

Dress is arriving

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.09.09 PM

I was so nervous that my dress is not going to arrive on time for my end of year exhibition. I have to say went on the website and to check my parcel and it had Chinese chinse Chinese and then in English arrived in New Zealand … I was so surprised that I said to my boyfriend can you read this and tell me that I am seeing what I am seeing and he approved the message…

I am so excited, I have to wait now and try it on and pray that fits and I look fabulous in it. I will post photos of the dress once I get it 🙂

Horrible Boss

I hate the fact that my boss takes on me her stress and worries. Everybody else is ok except me :/ my boyfriend wants me to quit and he says is not worth the stress she is putting me in! He is right, but I feel like I won’t have the guts to quit. I don’t know if I want to quit even with all this bullshit that is putting me through…

Wel, did you had bad boss? What did you do?


So hello, 13 days in Nonmember and the show must go on with my writing for this everyday month challenge so here is a terrible poem about hospitality 🙂

Hot and sunny

Super busy every day

Plotting ways to eat





Idiots that know how to not order