Oh! All The Places You’ll Go

All the places you’ll go by Dr. Seuss. I love that book, gives me courage that I can do anything.

The possibilities are endless.

Tutors want to know what’s my plan for the future and honestly I laid 4 future plans.

  1. Work for couple years and do my Teaching degree.
  2. Have a year off and do my Masters in Art Therapy.
  3. Find an awesome job
  4. Do some travelling and move out from the city I live in.


And now drum roll …tstststststststs ka baom

5. Failure is not an option, plans they are there, they exist to drive us towards our goals. All I know is that I want to do some travelling and go back to Greece and see my family and, I also know that I want my teachers degree and my masters. I don’t know in which order.

At the moment, I am overwelled by the possibilities and the future I want to create. As Dr. Seuss said, All the places you’ll go.


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