What are you passionate about?

Such a hard question. Everyone has been asking me what I am going to to do now that I finished art school; and the only answer is work.

Where ? like a design job? or do your own business?

As much as I like this miracle to happen( by saying miracle, I mean quit my job and focus on my business) I actually want to work. I have a million plus in my head, but I am stressing out that I can’t full fill them because I actually don’t have time.

Am I passionate about something?

Yes, I am passionate about life, my life. It might be boring to some, but I choose to lead it that way.

Passion is something that is built on. I feel reward is passion. That reward can be from work, from family, from your blog, anything that you have feelings for.

Passion is a feeling.

SO no I am not boring, yes I do have plans in my life and no I am not in a hurry I am only 23.


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