New Year Resolutions

First of all Happy New year, may this year bring you what you want.

Everyone wants to do something awesome for the new year and do things that benefit their health, but never follow them. So I am going to set my resolutions realistic according to me and not a magazine.

  1. Quit the Gym! ( I don’t go anymore don’t have the time, I am not making the time for it)
  2. Quit my job.
  3. Have fun with my mum while she is here in New Zealand.
  4. Don’t find a job and have some months time off.
  5. Go to Greece visit my family and friends.
  6. Actually, pursue my art career and try to promote and do more designs for my redbubble shop.
  7. Finish my reading challenge of 26 books.
  8. write on my blog
  9. Try and start a children’s book I always wanted.
  11. Find a job after I visited Greece

Well, Life is Unpredictable in the end tho I’d like to lead a life I want to live in and not get sucked up in a sinkhole of negativity and stress. My list might be simple for some, but this list will give my sanity back.

What’s your years resolutions?


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