Life After Blogs

Life After Blogs

In response to daily prompt Life After Blogs.

So you can I see I don’t blog so often so my life after blogs it might be something interesting or am I the most boring person?

So most of the times I try to be funny and make jokes, but my friends don’t think the same. Also, the highlight of my day is usually when I go water my garden and see how many Zucchinis I got in a day; and patiently waiting for my tomatoes to ripen up.

Sometimes I even think I am strong independent woman that can renovate the house by herself( by the way I am good at it :P)

When life gets in the way and it’s a bit overwhelming I blog. Which is pretty often lately.

Hey to you it might be boring to me is pretty interesting especially when I make horrible jokes and when I troll my boyfriend.

Trolling my boyfriend it’s pretty funny, but not funny when he does it to me.


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