Sydney day 1

Greetings humans,

So I woke up refreshed and ready for the day to be fantastic, but fear not it was somewhat a disaster. The iron tablets that I am taking made me sick; so all day I was suffering with intense stomach pain.

Firstly we went on to a famous cafe here in Sydney called Bills at Surry hills. I wasn’t impressed. I guess wasn’t my style plus my pain was so bad that I actually vomited at the place. So it might have been just me.

We saw some cool boutiques at crown street and then had some lunch white taro cafe/restaurant. The place was pretty amazing. I got waffles and they were perfect.

Waffles at white taro

I then went were we staying and lied down cause I was feeling like crap. Fear not didn’t let my discomfort put me down. We got dressed up and went at the harbour so we can see the opera house.
Here is some snaps from you guys.

View looking towards the city
The bridge

So my first thought was.. WOW!!!! Sure human kind knows to create magnificent building and make you feel small.
We ended it up seeing Romeo and Juliet as a theatrical play in the opera house. My after thoughts was: pretty cool, never have ever experienced Shakespeare in a theatre. So I didn’t regret going there. Maybe if I have money I try and go and see Verdi an actual opera at the opera house.

So this was my day. Relaxing. If you reading this and you are for Sydney please do suggest something if you think I like it:)


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