Sydney day 4

Greetings humans!

I saw you didn’t like my beach life on day 3. Yes it wasn’t something extrodinary, but if you are in Sydney defently need to check some beach because it’s fun and the water is so nice and dangerous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


Anyway our day started with a simple breakfast at crown street and the cafe was calls Kawa. It’s was pretty good simple and lots of option for vegetarian and vegan.




Anyway we went to town hall to witness the oldest building that happen to be a mall. It was magnificent. Each flour was better than the other one and the stained glassed was unbelievable. We looked the neibourhood and we did some shopping (of course). Then we got lost and hangry. So after out little fit we ate some fruit and dropped of our shopping were we staying and walked to China town.



Yusss… it was great we even ate there. Yes  it was fantastic.  They give you tea with your food. Everytime I have tea from a Chinese I want to dance and say thank you. They make it so good. It so simple but tasty without overpowering flavor.


Then after that we walked to darling harbour and we walked around it. The evening walk is the best because the temperature has cooled down and you just enjoy the company and the view. Also, at that area they are celebrating the month of love and they have flower statues, glowing hearts and romantic things all around the harbour. To enhance the romance in the relationships which I found very sweet. The places I went can be really budget it. I simply spend money on food. The rest was just walks I didn’t even have to take the train.

We topped the night going to kings cross. My mother’s friend suggested to us to go there and I have a drink. As soon as we came off the train we saw several clubs that they were striptiz( I don’t know how it’s spelled by the way) we needed up going to a pizzaria and having a glass of wine with pizza.

We did have the excitement of being in a dodge neibourhood without knowing.

So peeps, I hope you like what I am writing I am trying to make it as interesting as I can. If you have any suggestions please do say so. I would love to try something different.


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