Manly Beach and more?


I know I haven’t finished my series about Australia so here I am picking up the slack.

So as some of you may know that manly is a beach in Sydney; you can go by bus or you can take the ferry.

Manly is a nice little area and it’s worth going if you are a surfer. We went there especially because they had the surfers championship; so we saw professionals surf. It was fun!!!

But if you want to swim then is not the beach for you, because there are a lot currents and big waves. I went inside the sea anyway because I am fearless (stupid).ย 20160301_151609.jpg

So when my mother wanted to go there for a second day I was like yay, not!

So as smart and adventures like I am, I went to an adventure to Palm beach.

Yeah, I almost cried when I was traveling for one and half hours there. It wasn’t the smartest idea I ever had in my life. When I arrived there I understood that this beach was more like a locals people beach. I got to see tho the sun setting and had a swim in ocean pool. It was different. Palm beach was like someone brought it to life and the scene resembled stories from the Bronte sisters.


So lived my fairy tale for a little bit.



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