Living dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris


So, I read the second book of the series. It took me so long to read it.

I didn’t get into the second one. All I could think of is that it was so different from the series. Like the events were the same, but they made the plot so much more in the series. For example, there was more death and orgies in the series and less in the book. The book involved around the Dallas event more than the maenadย and the series exactly the opposite.

Anyway, I should probably tell you what I thought of the book rather compare the two.

The book was very simple, I got bored of the story. If I hadn’t been reading these kind of novels I probably wouldn’t though. The story has some spice into it and was well crafted to lead to you to events. It kept the interest going( if you hadn’t seen the series). Yes, I am coming back to that because when you have seen something totally different and go to the book that’s different then yes you would be thinking the same thing.

There were couple good jokes that made me chuckle. To be honest these series are simple, is not worth reading if you like something more intellectual, but if you want to pass your time then yes go ahead read them. I will be taking a break from these series and going into more classic novels.

PS. I hope you like what you reading, there are so many ways to write a review only a few know how to do this great( I am not one of them). Saying that though I kind enjoy writing them. Practice makes perfect. I hope I find my style writing them soon.


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