Looking at the past

Hi everyone,

I have been going through my old stuff and packing it away to take it to my new place and I have been going photos, videos and notes to myself. I have noticed that my past is different to what I have become now!

I don’t know if I want to be glad about the changed that happened to me or be afraid.

I was so carefree person, and constantly putting goal to thrive for better, but never succeed so much. Now my goals and my “life plan” is going in the right direction, but I am not carefree. I don’t have fun as much as I used. I am so stuck up my ass that sometimes I am afraid to say my opinion to strangers.

Moving away from Greece made me “grow up” for better or for worse.

Also, after three years battling with a second language, getting a BA in applied arts, working my ass off and succeeding in many other things; It’s time for me to touch base.

IT’s time for me to re-visit my carefree past and say I succeeded in something you couldn’t never do. It’s also time for me to heal from all that anxiety and sadness that process caused me.

My plate is full for now, but I will never stop seeking change. I will never stop seeking a life that makes me truly happy.

Future me, you are a stress freak and an awesome personality and you going to have a Kick-ass life.


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