Best Friends and such…


I don’t know everybody’s experience with best friends, but mine was at the beginningย ” I fucking hate you bitch”.

I know it sounds aggressive, but as a person, I am not( except when I am driving).

It’s weird ,I think I am very weird; I hated my best friends, I really did. The more I hated them the more I tried to figure out why. In the end, I spend so much time with them that I actually get to know them.

Guess what?

There were freaking awesome.

These people I thought” these fucking bitches” there my best friends.

I love those people.

So thank you for putting up a weird holocaust jokes, and a weird accent. Above all my awesome personality makes up for my weirdness.

Ps. No matter the fights or the distance between us we are always best friends because we don’t need be always together to secure our friendship.

I hope it’s like that with everybody.

Would love to hear your story!


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