What future?

Have you ever got cross with a spiritual person and told you that coming back wad good and that you never going to leave and break with you current boyfriend and find someone else?

Well it happened to me! It broke my heart because I do believe those things and puts the benefit of the dought in your mind! At the same time tho I need to trust my instincts because I make my freaking destiny not the universe does it for me! Future changes all the time is the paths we take and only us will make it happen .. so thank you future tellers, mediums, numerologist,  spiritual people, but at the moment I don’t want to make plants that will change my life!
I am happy like I am even when the dought come in place I have a cry like a little bitch and I see that I am crying for something I might lose and love. So bye bye negative thoughts. I promise will live my life to maximum and everyday is a new day!


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