In reaponse to daily prompt  Generation

I was thing about generation what it was for me to grow up and what is for nieces and other kids to grow up.

I was out in the neibourhood plying with other kids, wasn’t aloud tv. I had a computer, but my mum threaten me that if I open it and play she would throw it away. I went walks with my mum and talked with her.

Now I see kids everywhere with an iPad on their hand. Not communicating with anyone. Shut off in their world of tablet and games. You ask them how was their day at school and they don’t remember. Why? I remembered when I was young. It’s not difficult. Why parents are you doing this?

I see it in the restaurant I am working the parents don’t give an f. About the kid they are like just shut at up leave me alone. I ask you this why did you have kids then? I am not saying all parents are like that, but I see it more often than not. So forgive to jump to the conclution. Maybe my mother was strict and I thank her for it. I didn’t have ice creams when I wanted it them or tv when I wanted them. Instead I was in a car everyweekend going skiing and having fun in the mountains with my mother.

How was your generation?

Do you feel the same with this generation?


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