The What If Theory

I often find myself saying “what if I was going too fast, I could have been in an accident”  or “What if I walked there I could have been the one that got mugged”.

Anyway I say a lot What if’s and I stopped and thought; bloody hell I am a lucky gal cause, What if I didn’t write this post because bad things had happened to me?


On the bottom line, my message I am trying to say is: stop being reckless because is not worth risking others peoples life.

So What if we were all good people and cared for everybody?

Who knows? maybe in a parallel universe, they don’t have what ifs!

Side note: I have exciting news I have been asked to write for another blog as well so I have been busy! My reviews of books and movies going to transfer on that blog you can follow me there as well.

My Profile there with my posts : Elektra Bakhshov 


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