Be Brave-NaBloPoMo Day 2


I know that might seem lame the last time I was brave; I told my mum I know what I am doing and I am going back to New Zealand and before I go there I will do a road trip in Europe!

I am not a person that would go against my mother or my family in that matter, but I gathered all my courage and Iย spoke up. What happened? Hell broke lose my mother wasn’t used to me telling her she is wrong; so we fought a lot and that made us grow apart a little.

Did I regret it? No, I didn’t. You know why? Because for the first time in my life, I believe in what I do and the future I see is in New Zealand even if I am broke and looking for a job.

Only time will tell how awesome my bravery wasย because at this second I am doing all the things I promised myself I would do. So I am a winner by trying and not giving up.


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