Since I have been gone

Hello Humans,


How you been? I bet you guys forgot that I existed because of not being present here!

How am I?

I don’t know, I feel lost, stressed, overwhelmed so many projects, not enough time!

I missed writing here, but every time I attempt to write I give up. I have named it boredom, but is it?

Lately, I have this overbearing feeling that I want to hide from humanity my responsibilities, run away from my life and lock myself in a remote island so I can get the projects that I want done.

Project 1#

Finish my bloody kid’s book it is almost done the story is so cute but I can’t find an ending to it.

Project 2#

Finish my poetry book, I have written so far 34 poems I wanted to reach 100, but not nothing. Also adding to that I decided to do photos accompanying the poems.

Project 3#

Continue writing my novel, at the start of the year it was going so well, but I have been stuck with it for a long time. It is not writer’s block because ya guys I haven’t opened the document over 5 months.

Project 4#

It’s an art project, I know the concept, I  haven’t gotten into to actually trying it.

Project 5#

I am on process creating it but I feel scared. Sorry, can’t say too much only a few people know about it.

Also, I am trying to make my book blog bigger you can go check it out My Trending Books

Did I mention that I work full time as well?

I guess the only advice that I can give myself and other people in this situation is take it slowly prioritize and take it step by step. So for once, I am taking my advice!

Big steps for me here… not making my schedule packed, but doing it slowly.

Comment below how is your style of doing thing when your schedule is packed?