What this chapter of your is called?

Hello Humans,


My chapter hmm, I think I am going to call it


First of all, pizza has become my boyfriend, you guys! I am obsessed, so I am forcing myself to go on a “challenge” otherwise my diet consists of potatoes, pizza, tahini and salad and it’s not healthy.

Read? Hello!!!! I am banned to buy more books because my TBR pile is out of hand like jeez. Don’t worry I put my books on Kindle here so we can be obsessive buddies together.

Fugitive magic (currently reading)

Kitsune: A Little Mermaid Retelling (free goodie cause I don’t like spending too much money)

A Mortal Song

I only linked three because ya guys you be reading for ages plus That’s How I am going to read this books! If you want me to list more books comment below and I will make a new post.

Expensive da with paying my bills and buying books and takeaways it is not cheap.

Repeat obviously the cycle never ends.

Whats your chapter?


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