Colouring Cyanotype


Colouring cyanotype some cool stuff ! What you think?


Pen and ink


When I feel down I find drawing is the best cure



Tea, paper , calligraphy and pens. I have to day I prefer the brush or the nib, but I wasn’t around them today so my apologies if the drawing is not nice ..


So here you go I re-do it with my brushes and add some blossoms not feeling so well



So this one of my doodles and because I haven’t posted for a couple of days with drawings so I figured that you forgive me if I manipulated one of my drawing and make it into a bizarre thing

No Rest For The Wicked

So my first day of no tech, woohoo I got up 8:30 and I said I am going to have a fun relaxing day and 2:30 hours later I was like Oh my god when the day is going to be over? How boring am I? I ended up going to tech; scratch that I am at tech experimenting with some ideas!

My mind doesn’t let me have holidays :/ , but I am glad that I am here I am actually having fun and feeling my time with creativeness and awesomeness … So yeah I am going to spend my holidays doing art πŸ™‚

Cyanotype in process with show you the results later πŸ™‚

Here is a doodle for you11657262_10206993333693794_46141001_n

Persian Flower

So today I almost forgot that I had to do a drawing, but didn’t I sat down and did it.

Do you people like it? Should I add colour to my next one?

any sugge11650696_10206986451241737_1748602373_nstions on what to draw?

PS. I smudged it 😦

The Challenge

So I am on my semester break and I thought I should keep up the good work and do a semester break challenge. So I challenge myself to do a drawing every day, to hone my skills to perfection. Also starting by next week I think I should keep up the Cyanotype coming too, so peeps you going to see a lot of creative things in the next two weeks.

Do you have any suggestions on what else I should do? Maybe a drawing idea?

Here this is my first one for the drawing challenge.