The Story of Unpredictable Life

I was sixteen when my best friend at the time made her first blog. She was all like and I am going to write about my life and getting into university;  and all this things. I got so jealous at that time it was a first time that I wanted something so badly so I went home and made my first blog in blogger. I explored many themes and names and I decided the on the name “life is shit”.  At that point in my life, everything felt wrong and I was trying to be rebellious  with the name of my blog. How exciting am I?

I know right? Anyway, one and a half year past, people talked to me a told me I am not going to get a lot of views just because of the title of my blog. So I pulled the trigger and changed it to Unpredictable Life.

Years have gone by and I decided to continue with my crazy themes of life here at WordPress.

I hope everyone enjoys reading them as I enjoy writing them.