Look at my terrible costume zombie/mummy/virus it’s everything .. although doesn’t look much but I love deep down because it’s my first Halloween that will celebrate so hopefully goes well! Will post the finished loook tomorrow




Human Yes, Adult maybe

Hello, Fellow Humans!

Today I don’t want to be an adult. I have so many things on my list to do ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sniff It’s nevereding

I have been so busy lately packing the house for moving and now that we moved I have to unpack everything and clean everything and sort out the house :/ Yes its a big ย job, but I am happy here and I have a better enviroment to live and above all I have my pets that I missed in that course of that year. So I might not want to be an adult today, but being one means that I get to have a cleaner house, my art is going to be framed, my cyanotype is going to be finished, my exhibition proposal is gping to be finished so I can present ti tomorrow to the gallery, the dog is going to be walked and I am going to be exausted but happy.

Stay awesome Humans

It’s My Pleasure

Anxiety and Sandness creepingย behind me

A cloud of blackness is hanging on my shoulders

Waiting for a moment of weakness

Waiting to fall down

Waiting to say take me

NO! Take me it’s not the answer

It’s me pleasure to break them down

Anxiety and sadness are waiting

I am running towards happiness

They get smaller and smaller

I get bigger and bigger

It’s my pleasure to prove them I am not weak

It’s my pleasure to welcome life again.

Bicycle Coffee Store

There is a bicycle on the wall

must be something magical

people all around me and me watching

wine all around me and me drinking

who am I and what do I write

love songs and poems for the brave hearts

There is a bicycle on the wall

must be something magical

is this the place you go?

Greece is the way to go

Greece is the way to go

Mountains, Seas, Rivers, Cities

Gods, Myths, Legends, Stories, History

Wars, Heroes, Poets

Full of pride and culture, but

wait there Titans there that they eat the children of Greece

maybe you should stay here it’s safer.