Vegan Debatable

I am a vegetarian. Why you may ask?

I am because i was sick of eating meat all the time and everything that I ate involved meat. So one day I decided that I am not going to eat meat and I did it. I set a time limit to my vegetarianism and said 3 months just to get ride of the bad habit of eating meat; nine months later I am considering to be a vegan.

When I became vegetarian everyone was like, but bacon how can you deny yourself that?

Simply, saying no it’s unhealthy.

Now I am like but how do I say no to egg, milk, cheese and other dairy products?

I am pretty good when I make a decision I stick to it, but I don’t think I can be vegan. Not just yet anyway.

I like the idea of being completely healthy, but it’s also hard.

Before you comment it’s not healthy and you are not taking all the vitamins; I will you are wrong I haven’t been healthier than I am today just being vegetarian. I simply learnt that I have to eat some certain food chains with some others to get the benefits and the start working.

So Vegetarians, vegans and proper food eaters what do you think? Should I pull the plug and be vegan or wait for another 6 months just for my body to be accustomed to my lifestyle?


Back to the Future

I recently bought a cd/cassette/mp3/radio player. When I was buying it I remembered that when I was in primary school I would stay for hours at the radio with my two fingers ready to press record and play at the same time to get my favorite song on the cassette. I miss those days, I miss it because of the anticipation to get the song that I loved and that I had to listen to the whole program till it got played. Now with a click you can youtube any song. Do you think people out there, we lost the process of wanting something so bad that we had to sit through something to get it?

What do you all think?

In my opinion I miss those days. They were more spontaneous, more full of life.

I might be wrong, but what you think?

Being Afraid

So before I moved out from Greece I was a person that talked about the future quite a lot and planned to do great things in life, but no one thought that I would accomplish them.

Here I am now in New Zealand accomplishing those things in a short amount of time. Slowly I am making my way on the things that I promised myself back then, but I am so afraid that after I finish my degree I would be lost, my dreams would vanish into thin air and life will take course and I would lose hope on the things I love.

Maybe this is natural to feel like this when you go out in the big world and chase your dreams.

Dreaming is free but chasing them is not. I am prepared for everything and I know that is going to be difficult to have a career or a job in photography, but I will try my hardest to succeed.

I am having cold feet because in my experience there is always something to mess up your plans. I don’t know how to overcome this fear. Every day I can feel my heart beating so fast that I almost feel that is going to pop out of my chest.

Stress you might say and you probably right.  Being Afraid of the future is very stressful, especially with me that I try to accomplish so many things. I am getting there with stress pushing me to my destination.

Tell do you have the same fear? or is just me stressing out on my dreams and hopes?

Before I die

Before I die, it’s a black board that you write the answer to this sentese. A bit morbid to have at your town basin, but the moment I saw it answered in my head loud and clear I want to live.  I don’t know if it’s self persevation or that I really have more to live for than going home and watching tv. Because I do. No matter how many hours I study, work, volunteer it all comes to living every moment and try my best to succeed in my dreams and passions.

So I want to live before I die

The question is what do you want to do before you die?

Balcony With View

Imagine a place in the world that you can hide and still see where you come from.

I have that special place and it’s my home, in Greece, Skiathos. I have a house there that it’s on a hill/mountain and there is a balcony with a view.

It’s a place that I go to when I am sad, lost, tired and stressed. The image that comes to my mind is me sitting at a weaved chair with my feet on the edge of the balcony staring at the view and the wind slowly blowing away my hair.

I instantly remember why I am so strong and I can do anything. I believe that balcony represents all the things that my mum taught me and the roots that I am carrying with me. It gives me strength to remember it, that can only fit 2 chairs and a small table. The memories of that place are amazing, so strong, so full of life. It’s the spirit of those ones that keeps that place alive.

The Mug speaks to me

I am not a morning person so the first thing I do after I have been to the toilet is to make my yum yummy filter coffee with a dash of milk, but in order to drink I must find the mug that speaks to me. I know sounds weird, but I never drunk coffee in mug or coffee cup that has no ‘soul’.

My boyfriend laughs at me because he thinks its funny that I am in great search of a perfect mug that its going to define me as a person and my habits.

Well, I always open the self and look all those coffee cups and I try to look carefully to see which one is the one. Today I chose a dark blue with a chip in the lip. Why you may ask I chose an almost broken one, because in my everyday life I don’t stop to take a breath and when I actually stop and take a break, it’s like I am chipping away( I don’t know if that is a thing). So the cup is as symbol of my everyday life.

Anyway, do you have a cup that speaks to you?

I am still trying to find one.

PS. I think I over explained my weird procedure.

Stay awesome