Tattoo’s, anxiety and life

Hello humans,

I am always active for a while and then I disappear. Well, I am proudly here to announce that I am part of the tattooed gang!   Yay! I don’t know how I managed to get it but go through it because I got a hand poked one!

The experience was amazing. I am still thinking to myself how did I manage to actually do it! So proud of myself.  Here is a bad photo I took!



I never realised that my anxiety can affect my body so much! It is so hard to control it. I have managed to control it, in a way it doesn’t show to the world, but my body takes the punish. So it is time to start letting go and taking care of myself.

And life? I think she’s ok! I am we haven’t caught in a while with her for a coffee!


I am happy to say that the things are getting better and falling into place. For one thing, I just had my first author contact me and asked me to review their book! I am so proud of my hard work and finally someone liking it and asking me to review their book!

I am sure I will come inspired tomorrow with another post, but now this is it!

Mr.Sparkles is out! ( sparkles is a he yes even if I am a she)




Your Last Chapter


Hello Humans,

I found this, in one of the book groups, I am in. I thought to myself, would I?

I mean I would hope my life is awesome I am planning to be. If my life was epic I would want to read the end experience and say no way! If this is how I am going down then pat on the shoulder.

If though my life is going boring and not interesting I still want to know so I can re-write my stupid self for letting down my dreams and hopes.

Like HELLO, we live one life better make it count, the good and the bad. In fact, I want to be the writer of this book because I know the best way to go down!

Morbid? maybe but definitely not giving up.


Papergang subscription box review



Papergang Subscription box 


Hello Humans,

My love for subscription boxes started when I joined book groups and everyone has been sharing their opinions and boxes. I love this subscription box because is only 9.95pounds I think and the shipping is cheap so if you don’t live in the UK its all good they don’t charge a lot of money.  It is a stationery subscription box and you get a few stationary items. I post a photo as well! Like I am telling you it is worth it. The items you get cost more than the box! Every month it’s different so you don’t double up really. I will a link so you guys can check it out.  DA LINK: Papergang

If you ask me it’s worth getting!

What this chapter of your is called?

Hello Humans,


My chapter hmm, I think I am going to call it


First of all, pizza has become my boyfriend, you guys! I am obsessed, so I am forcing myself to go on a “challenge” otherwise my diet consists of potatoes, pizza, tahini and salad and it’s not healthy.

Read? Hello!!!! I am banned to buy more books because my TBR pile is out of hand like jeez. Don’t worry I put my books on Kindle here so we can be obsessive buddies together.

Fugitive magic (currently reading)

Kitsune: A Little Mermaid Retelling (free goodie cause I don’t like spending too much money)

A Mortal Song

I only linked three because ya guys you be reading for ages plus That’s How I am going to read this books! If you want me to list more books comment below and I will make a new post.

Expensive da with paying my bills and buying books and takeaways it is not cheap.

Repeat obviously the cycle never ends.

Whats your chapter?