Abandoned by Elisa Dane Book Review




I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t the typical YA book. It was little darker and maybe it could have been a reality to someone.

The characters were well put together and the story progressed nicely. It took long to read the book because I wanted to enjoy it and read all the events rather than be a blur.

The heroine was bad-ass , I love strong female characters in books. The things she been through oh my god I felt sorry for her. I was praying with her for someone to save her.

This book got me hooked. I would defiantly recommend it.

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2017 Book Goal

Hi everybody,


How is your goal for 2017 is working?

Did you set one?

Comment bellow to let me know how many books and what books you want to read I m curious let’s share the book loving schedule.


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Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge



Hello, readers!


Well, I have a guilty pleasure and that is Beaty and the beast stories.


So I will be beastly cruel 😛 (get it?)

Anyway, this books talks about a girl Nyx that her father sold her the demon lord!

The story is a classic beauty and the beast, but the setting is Roman- Greek mythology infused with demons. It sounds confusing, but since I am Greek and I am used at the mythology, I read it quite quickly.

The book overall was an easy read, I enjoyed it. The end though wasn’t so good. I felt it was rushed and the words were written just to be there and be done with the book.

There are other books like a series, but not the same characters. They just leave in the same “universe”. I am not reading the second book because I don’t like Cinderella that much. Maybe in the future will give it a shot.

The girl in Between by Laekan Zea Kemp




Did you miss me? I sure did miss you guys and girls!!

I come back again with another review. I picked this book because it was free in Kiddle store and since I am broke and I wanted to deviate from my list again I thought I should ready someone new!

This book is about real-life “Sleeping beauty”, but the catch is that she has KLS (sleeping disease)  it only gets worst by the day. In the sleep state, she dreams which is unusual for this kind of illness. She meets a boy in the meantime and she tries to help him.

Well, I tell you the book kept me in suspense, but at the same time, I got a little agitated because it took so long to get to a resolution. I guess it’s a good thing. I wanted the story to progress faster than it did. So I don’t know if I am going to read the rest of the books! and see what happens with her illness and the boy.

I probably will, but not at this moment. It’s an easy read so go ahead and try it out.

Entwined with you by Sylvia day (#crossfire 3)

Entwined with you by Sylvia day

Eva past comes knocking on the door!

One of her past lovers Brett has written a song called dGolden and now he releases the video clip. You can see all the intimate moments they had together! Eva is in shock while trying to bridge the relationship with Gideon in public.

The third book comes with hiding, secrets, and more sex. Surprise surprise!

I keep reading these books because the relationship is not resolved and because 3 books later is like two weeks, come on don’t have time to move a little faster?  or the events something. Sylvia, you are killing me!

I need to know the end people! They have so many problems that us common people seem saints in relationships!

Anyway, I dare you to finish them with me and then tell me what you thought!

Reflected in you (#2 crossfire) by Sylvia day


Reflected in you by Sylvia day

Reflected in you is the second novel of the crossfire series, where we see the past of Eva following her and everyone tries to keep her safe, but who will win? ( ha now got your attention didn’t I? NO SPOILERS, though)

In this book, secrets keep piling up.Will Eva and Gideon survive? My answer is yes, the sex is powerful and since they are completely hooked with each other this is the only way.

We see how far they can go for love especially Gideon goes on extreme to save Eva.

Will they overcome the difficulties?

The answer is yes there 5 books with these two! Come on, it’s no brainer.

Anyway in this book you will see sex, sex, sex, and more secrets. The plot becomes a little more “complicated”, so it’s worth reading to see how the “relationship” is going.

Ps. This book is simple nothing special; if you are on holidays or you want to read a no brainer is perfect!

Bared to you (crossfire #1) by Sylvia Day


Hello again,

you much have missed my beautiful reviews!

I have read like 4 books and I haven’t been writing same on me!!!

So I begin again with an erotic novel!

“Bared to you” is the starting novel of five!

The story is pretty standard tremendous sexual tension with personal problems.  This novel though I like! Because the problems come from the woman mainly or should I say both equally, but Sylvia Day focuses on the female character more rather the man.

This novel though I like! Because the problems come from the woman mainly or should I say both equally, but Sylvia Day focuses on the female character more rather the man.

I enjoyed the sex scenes because I felt they were well written, but in this novel they use sex to solve problems! Of course, you going to tell me : “Elektra you are reading erotic novel”

I know for once though I want to read one that has more substance.

Bared to you, gives you more details about their “problems” and hooks you up!

I am reading the novel now because of the actual story and not the sex! Which is good.

Give it a try, it’s not bad if you don’t mind sex.

I will be writing also the reviews of the others of this series so stay tuned in!

Lady Suzan by Jane Austen

I decided to read this because it was the story line of Love and Friendship (movie that’s coming up). Also, Love and friendship is Jane Austen novel; anyway getting back to Lady Suzan.

So the story line is that Lady Suzan tries to do an arranged marriage for her daughter. The  style of the book was letters. So basically the descriptions and the dialogs were described in letters. I found that was fun for the first time because the characters were well thought and funny. I laughed a lot and was hooked up. I never thought that Jane Austen would be so funny, intelligent writer.

I totally recommend this book, is only 80 pages long; story line complete and funny.

I will be reading more Jane Austen, I feel the way she wrote all her novels reflect completely the time she was living. If that’s the truth the definitely they had sense of humour.


Living dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris


So, I read the second book of the series. It took me so long to read it.

I didn’t get into the second one. All I could think of is that it was so different from the series. Like the events were the same, but they made the plot so much more in the series. For example, there was more death and orgies in the series and less in the book. The book involved around the Dallas event more than the maenad and the series exactly the opposite.

Anyway, I should probably tell you what I thought of the book rather compare the two.

The book was very simple, I got bored of the story. If I hadn’t been reading these kind of novels I probably wouldn’t though. The story has some spice into it and was well crafted to lead to you to events. It kept the interest going( if you hadn’t seen the series). Yes, I am coming back to that because when you have seen something totally different and go to the book that’s different then yes you would be thinking the same thing.

There were couple good jokes that made me chuckle. To be honest these series are simple, is not worth reading if you like something more intellectual, but if you want to pass your time then yes go ahead read them. I will be taking a break from these series and going into more classic novels.

PS. I hope you like what you reading, there are so many ways to write a review only a few know how to do this great( I am not one of them). Saying that though I kind enjoy writing them. Practice makes perfect. I hope I find my style writing them soon.