From day to Day

In response toΒ The Poetry ofΒ List-Making

From the day to day

I remind myself





From day to day

don’t hide under the table

From day to day

remind you that humans are annoying

From day to day

learn to let go



Another wastful day

  Rhyming for life

Trying to swim 

In the sea of fears

Saying what we feel

Trying  to be alive again 

When you go down!

Hi everybody

Having fun with your lives? 

I do! I had so much fun yesterday that I dance and I drunk 2.5 long Island ice teas. 

 what happened you may ask after I went home?


My mother took me home because I was unable to drive and as soon as I lie down the whole room was spinning. 

I did the mistake of drinking a lot of water. What happened after drinking the water ?

I don’t know, maybe I got up to vomit and I threw up slipped on the vomit, crowl to the bathroom to continue vomiting. 

My boyfriend was cleaning and trying to make me stop drinking water.

I say this story because now that I think of it, it’s sad and funny at the same time!! It never happens to me before, but hey there is always a first timeπŸ˜‚.