Unpuggled -Plugged

In Response to daily prompt Bloggers, Unplugged

What do I do to unplug, simple answer I plug myself back in. Meaning I just binge series non-stop. I hit the nirvana state by watching a movie or series non-stop till I get a headache and then I make myself go away and communicate with other humans in the house.

Of course when my head is busting and I can’t think, watch or read I just stare at the blank wall and pray that my headache will go away without panadol. I give up after 8 hours and I take the panadol.

Anyway, this is my unplug and plug story.




I can’t think

My brain is hurting. I have a splitting headache. I started the day cool and then I got to work and there it started hurting.

At the beginning I thought, “it’s because I haven’t had a coffee”

after a couple hours I decided to have a coffee, but nope it didn’t work.

Then I thought, “it’s because I am hungry”

No, it wasn’t that either

I just came to the conclusion that the weather is changing so much lately from hot to cold and so humid that it finally got to me.

So succumbed to the panadol power.


Cyber Stalker

Do you ever find yourself obsessively stalking people? I do! but not just any people. People that I think they are interesting. To be more specific and less creepy, I like cyber stalking Chefs, or comedians, or food bloggers. I believe everyone like following people.

People encourage followers, I like to have followers. It feels that you are important.

Anyway, my favourite is snapchat; I can see what they up to or read a magazine. I get daily intake of the people I follow and when their video comes out, I more calm.


PS. Followers those days mean Stalker because this is what you do stalk people.

So if you like this post you can stalk this blog or my other social media 😛


Yeah, my number one rule from now on is to not be hangover on your graduate exhibition.

Drinking the previous night not a good idea. I spend most of the day trying to get rid of my hangover. I did it with a glass of orange juice.

Orange juice(fresh) is my remedy, no matter how bad my stomach feels with a glass of juice goes away.

Do you have a remedy? or you just stay hungry?


I am drunk and not giving up on writing . It was the first time that I had A drink in ages. I have to close one of my eyes to see straight. . I am in bed with my cat caddling it’s perfect…

Scared and Excited

This is the end after three years of studying; I have 2 more days till my graduation exhibition and I am scared. I am scared because it is a wonderful end to those years. The future is unknown. I keep changing my plans and the only thing I know for sure is that I want to go back home ( Greece) see my family travel a little in Europe and then find a better job than I am now. I want to do my teaching degree, but that I want to do a bit later.

Finally, I am excited that I am flying away the nest and I want to say my goal is to promote my art and my photography as much as I can. I decided that the best way to do it is to have a separate blog with my name Elektra . I plan to do a photo a day with my cell phone, one photo a week with my DLSR, one photo a week with Cyanotype and three drawings per week. Plus will be posting the exhibition photos that I will try to do next year.

It’s going to be a lot of work in terms of creating, but in the end I will gain so much from it.

Also, I will try to continue writing every day and do some more poetry and if I feel adventures enough maybe I will start writing a book.

And finally, finally I will try my hardest to promote my shop and get it running properly and not leave it to the chance of destiny.

I couldn’t do anything with the support my boyfriend, family, and friends that tell me every day how proud they are of my goals.

So here it goes my list for this year and the rest of the years Live the life I want every day.

Stay awesome people


Hey everybody,

So I was going through my boyfriends books and I came across this vegan cookbook and I was like this is amazing; simple, easy and looks better than some vegetarian recipes.

So I wanted to start cooking those recipes and he was like “baby why don’t you do the whole cookbook like julie and julia” I though that is pretty cool, perfect idea to get me be vegan.

I also thought I should start recording my journey with cooking these recipes.

What you think people out there? Would you be interested to see or read something like that?

Love or Hook Ups

I wrote this one year ago; I was so afraid to publish it. I am taking the risk and publishing it. So enjoy and please I let people know that not everyone fits in the same basket this is an observation from my experience.

Where love stand, in the age of one night stands and hookups?

People asked why is so difficult to find love?

I believe that in the age we are living on for young people is more important to have sex and have more sexual partners rather that feel something extraordinary. I myself believed that being emotionally unavailable is the best thing I could do.

1. I will not get hurt

2. I will do as I please

3. I will focus on me and my career

I will tell you tho every time I said that, I was heartbroken and miserable. Being emotionally unavailable is harder than you think.

In that time, I gained  experience and learnt people are not as nice as they say and they have their motives to take advantage of you and your beliefs.

I am now 23 years old in a respectful relationship that I was seeking deep down.

So now, I am simply an observer of other people in my age and sadly I see a lot of things that disappoints me.

1. They go out to hook up and not to have fun.

2.  They are looking men or women as sex objects with no respect.

3.  Having sex unprotected and that cause not only pregnancy’s but also sexual diseases.

There are of course exceptions and I do not put everyone in the same basket.

The media support’s all of that, being ridiculous and seek unimportant things. So this is where I come and say, love is dying because of that. Being emotionally unavailable, makes us block every good action in our lives or makes us wonder is it actually true? Or that person is being nice because he/she wants something?

We wonder, but life goes on and we focus on things such as the future rather than the present. Love is unexpected you can’t plan it or fake till you make it.