In creative response to the daily prompt fork

where are you thy love For the endless nights

over my heart lovers

running free

kneeling to confess thy love for you.


With a grain of salt


In response to daily prompt grain

When it comes to fortune telling take it with a grain of salt. They can say whatever they want, but the person that changes the future is you. You control your own destiny. Don’t let a possibility destroy your life. Make that possibility and change your life to better and not for worse.


Entwined with you by Sylvia day (#crossfire 3)

Entwined with you by Sylvia day

Eva past comes knocking on the door!

One of her past lovers Brett has written a song called dGolden and now he releases the video clip. You can see all the intimate moments they had together! Eva is in shock while trying to bridge the relationship with Gideon in public.

The third book comes with hiding, secrets, and more sex. Surprise surprise!

I keep reading these books because the relationship is not resolved and because 3 books later is like two weeks, come on don’t have time to move a little faster?  or the events something. Sylvia, you are killing me!

I need to know the end people! They have so many problems that us common people seem saints in relationships!

Anyway, I dare you to finish them with me and then tell me what you thought!

What’s your saga?

In response to the daily prompt saga

Hmm!!  What’s your saga?

My first volume was going to live in New Zealand.

My second, is to figure out how to see the world and feel alive again and do art. What’d the details you may ask?  I don’t know! But I will tell you this I am going to enjoy happy, sad, extrodinary, moments.

Can you sing?

In response to daily prompt sing.


Can you sing?

I can’t, but I do it anyway!

I change the words, I sing out of rhythm and pretend to know the words but I am only opening my mouth.

I remember one time at karaoke that I was so drunk and my friends telling get down you need to stop sing, but no I was stuck on the stage and sung from Guns N Roses to Metallica. I tell you what everyone was embarrassed of me!

Now that I think of it I unlocked the troll that night.

Big Sucess!

My vision

In response to the daily prompt Vision

My vision

1.Is publish a book

2. Became a great artist

3. Write all the time

4. Help people with my art

5.learn pottery and do something awesome

It might seem selfish as a vision, but if I don’t try I will never forgive myself.