Life After Blogs

In response to daily promptΒ Life After Blogs.

So you can I see I don’t blog so often so my life after blogs it might be something interesting or am I the most boring person?

So most of the times I try to be funny and make jokes, but my friends don’t think the same. Also, the highlight of my day is usually when I go water my garden and see how many Zucchinis I got in a day; and patiently waiting for my tomatoes to ripen up.

Sometimes I even think I am strong independent woman that can renovate the house by herself( by the way I am good at it :P)

When life gets in the way and it’s a bit overwhelming I blog. Which is pretty often lately.

Hey to you it might be boring to me is pretty interesting especially when I make horrible jokes and when I troll my boyfriend.

Trolling my boyfriend it’s pretty funny, but not funny when he does it to me.


Me Myself and I

Hello humans,

Today was my day off and me myself and I felt crowed with my boyfriend in the house. I know seems awful, but I love having a day that I am just by myself. Because me and I have things to do.

As three humans in one body can get a little crowed so I have to go through all the stages so I can please everybody. Today I just went through one stage cleaning and trying to do a relish. I succeed it on doing both, but myself and I was quite dissapointed because we didn’t have me time.

Anyway I hope you get what I an saying and I hope you enjoyed the way I said.
So stay awesome humans and see you next time.βœŒπŸ‘

Dr Foster review

Hey everybody,

so yes, I have been lost in an abyss. The abyss is called Dr Foster.

It’s a mini tv series from BBC. I just had to talk about this series to tell everybody how epic they are. I felt part of the story, it was so real. The performances were brilliant, I felt that I was experiencing all that hardship.

I was yelling at the tv saying why? What? Who? How?

The edge was building slowly, the bigger it got the more the story involved and when you though it was all over bam it gave you a shock for the next thing.

People have to trust me and see this.

I have to say thou if you don’t like drama that take a little to unravel then maybe it’s not for you, but then again you have to live your life on the edge; a bit unpredictable.

If you seen this please tell what you thought of it! πŸ™‚

Dr Foster IMDb

Need Of Sleep

So tired of


Ending my life with


Painless sleep


Hey humans,

So tired, I have been working six days a week for 8 to 9 hour with only 15-minute break. So so tired, literally my eyes are shutting; so I dedicate this poem to my need of sleep.

Love letter’s to the dead

So I have been trying to read this book, love letters to the dead and I am not feeling it. So I decided to scrape the book for now, return it to the library and read all the lunar chronicles at once and then continue the rest of my list.

So sorry haven’t really been writing here, but I have been really busy.

Also, on the bright side, I quit my Job yaya… So soon you been hearing or reading a lot about my jobless life πŸ˜›

Cinder-Book Review


Cinder By Marissa Meyer

So I finished my first book in the list, and this is my review without spoilers( I will try). Also, I will write the review in more open way and not stick to the traditional way of writing a review.(I hope that’s ok)

So my first thought was, Ok let’s give it a shot with this Cinder book. My expectation were low because I thought it would be another cinderella version.

Soon to be proven wrong. Yes, the core of the story was drawn from the classic fairy tale, but the actual story was a lot more. For starters, it;s set in the future and Cinder as a cyborg; how cool is that?

The character was strong, and as the story was unfolding it was more captivating. You got to learn Cinder more and understand what was happening. Although it was predictable in some parts the story kept you going. It’s more of an adventure rather than findingΒ love. I love that part because it shows you that not everything is about love. (it has a little romance but not biggy).

In overall I enjoyed reading it and I will enjoy reading the next parts of the book.

Spoilers: As I understood the classic fairy tales will flow to one another and they get tangled as one story. Let’s see am I right?

New Year Resolutions

First of all Happy New year, may this year bring you what you want.

Everyone wants to do something awesome for the new year and do things that benefit their health, but never follow them. So I am going to set my resolutions realistic according to me and not a magazine.

  1. Quit the Gym! ( I don’t go anymore don’t have the time, I am not making the time for it)
  2. Quit my job.
  3. Have fun with my mum while she is here in New Zealand.
  4. Don’t find a job and have some months time off.
  5. Go to Greece visit my family and friends.
  6. Actually, pursue my art career and try to promote and do more designs for my redbubble shop.
  7. Finish my reading challenge of 26 books.
  8. write on my blog
  9. Try and start a children’s book I always wanted.
  11. Find a job after I visited Greece

Well, Life is Unpredictable in the end tho I’d like to lead a life I want to live in and not get sucked up in a sinkhole of negativity and stress. My list might be simple for some, but this list will give my sanity back.

What’s your years resolutions?