Life sucks, a poem of madness 

Life sucks

With fangs 

Life is sad 

With dad

Life is bad 

With butt

Life is pun 

With a gun 


The What If Theory

I often find myself saying “what if I was going too fast, I could have been in an accident”  or “What if I walked there I could have been the one that got mugged”.

Anyway I say a lot What if’s and I stopped and thought; bloody hell I am a lucky gal cause, What if I didn’t write this post because bad things had happened to me?


On the bottom line, my message I am trying to say is: stop being reckless because is not worth risking others peoples life.

So What if we were all good people and cared for everybody?

Who knows? maybe in a parallel universe, they don’t have what ifs!

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Fake promises

The thing I hate the most is promising something and not doing it. The worst part and the most unforgivable is offering  and not doing it or even make the effort to help when clearly the person that asked you needed you.

I do not understand why people offer help when they don’t want to. What’s the point? In the end, I am going to waste my time and energy for their broken promises.

Growing up means holding up the things you say and not change them because you do not feel like doing it anymore.

Man up and hold up the end of the bargain.

Yours sincerely ,

Your disappointed friend.