Taking care of your face

Taking care of your face

Hello Humans,

I was talking with my friends about taking care of your face and looking young.

Botox was mentioned in the conversation, but I want to tell you if you start early with your skincare routine then you wouldn’t need as much botox. Although nothing wrong with botox. Also, never is too late to bring this awesome skincare routine and products that I will suggest into your life.

So here I am to tell you what skincare products I use and tested in the past and tell you how good they are and the difference that made with my skin.

Korean skincare is the best! I always struggled with my skin because it was always sensitive. My skin tends to be very dry and can get lines around my eyes very easily also I get under dark eyes. So I learned to use a few products to bring my tortured skin back to life. Although I use some non -Korean skincare that I think are worth mentioning too.

Firstly I always cleanse it either with a foam cleanser or natural scrub. My two foam favorites are from the innisfree world the Green tea foam cleanser( I find it that leaves my skin really clean and moisturized) and the Bija trouble facial foam ( I use this when I get a lot of pimples it helps to keep my face clean, but I found with this one that it leaves my skin very dry, but it is helping my skin not to have so many pimples). As for a scruber just use what you prefer I use Loreal sugar scrub/ glow scrub I find it very gentle and leaves my skin very nice.

Afterwards, I go with a toner, essence, and moisturizer and if I feel like it I use eye cream as well. A good way to go about this is to get a starter pack or a travel kit and try to see how it works with your skin. I always do that because I have very sensitive skin and I want to test the products and see how they are on my skin before committing to more money.

Also, Sheet masks are the best I normally use brightening and firming when my skin looks meh! ( brightening is not bleach the ones I use have vitamin C which is super good for your skin) and I use moisturising sheet masks as well. Sheet Maks.

Here are some products that I tested and maybe you want to try as well ( not affiliate just making it easier for you).

1.Green tea balancing skin care EX set 

2. Jeju orchid skin care set  (Specifically for ageing skin)

3. This is my current favorite and it is the most expensive to buy individually but the trial kit is economical LANEIGE Hydrating Trial Kit

Lastly one product that really helped me is La Roche Posay Cicaplast I have very dry skin and this product not only helped me fight it but it was super nice for my face.

I hope I helped people with this post and if you have question please free to comment and I will try to help. I am no expert but had a lot of trouble with my skin and tried a lot of things throught the years.

Stay awesome Humans

I am DIYing my second wedding! (to the same man)

I am DIYing my second wedding! (to the same man)

Hello humans,

I am starting a new series on this blog were I take you with me organizing my second wedding with a tight budget!

Now a lot people will say you have experience and it’s your second one so you know what you are doing already, but no the first one was mostly organized for me. So this time it would be me doing all of the work. 

I hope I can inspire people with the process and have a awesome wedding for them too! 

Always if you have any suggestions or question feel free to comment ! Coming Soon with the first post about flowers!

I started my training!

I started my training!

Hello humans,

How is it going?

I am good, too tired for this, but I made a promise to myself to write here and see how my progress is going slowly.

So I started the body boss guide pre-training because they recommend it if you haven’t done any exercise in a while or you are not up to HIIT training. 

Anyway, I died on the first day, honestly haven’t done HIIT in a very long time, my muscles were sore the next day. I felt it and it was only the pre-training. So, I finished the first week, I didn’t do the the active days that it was recommended, but my work is very active so I thought that should do it. For week 2 pre- training though I am going to follow it up to the dot and see the difference. I mean it really nice guide very nicely explained and doable.

That’s it for now, keep you posted in this lifestyle journey. 

PS. Did you try a guide was totally awesome let me know. 

When you are fat and make excuses…

When you are fat and make excuses…

Hello Humans,

How are you doing?

Haven’t been long since I wrote here which is amazing because I am keeping the promise to myself of keep writing. Anyway I wanted o make fun of myself and the excuses I keep telling myself also I wanted to be a little inspirational at the same time. So I hope this post will be as awesome as it is in my head. 

You know you just wake up some days and you feel so fat, and the first thing you say to yourself is I am so bloated, it must be the beans on the pizza I ate last night! Like ya, it’s the legumes, not the 2 pizzas you consumed last night making you feel guilty and fat. 

Honestly I didn’t eat the two pizzas but I have done in the past. I did eat though nachos with beans and it is really hard when you call yourself fat because you are a size 12 because I know deep down that I am not fat ( maybe a little) but my head is not happy. 

I came to realize that all the excuses that I was keep saying to myself in these 6 years I gained 20kg. That’s a lot, and my goal for the next 12 weeks is not to lose kilos because that is not important but to get fit and start loving my body as is again. 

Us women and men we need to start learning how to love ourselves first before we try to be thin, fat, fit and have emotions. I know it is hard to try and fit in society and make excuses how you look today. Like yeah I am bloated and fat at the same time what does it matter; I am working on my problems one at a time. 

So, I hope you follow my journey of me complaining and trying my best to change my lifestyle. You can join as well and we can motivate each other. 

What is your experience with body issues would love to know!

Choices we make

Choices we make

Hello Humans,

How you doing?

I am lost in the universe of being an adult and saving money to buy a house because that’s the responsible thing to do.

You see I do believe in choices we make and what path we are heading; I chose to get married and try to buy a house and in the future starting a family. I consider myself lucky enough to have found my soul mate that makes want to settle down. I chose this life no one forces me to do all those things. 

Have you ever thought how all the choices we make  impact our life’s so much that we see the results many months later or even years. The choice that I made or should I say my mum made to send to New Zealand for a better life and a better relationship with my father changed the course of the rest of my life. I know it sounds dramatic , but it is true I am a completely different person 6 years later and I love my mum so much for doing this for me because it made an awesome girl out of me. I am strong independent, found the love of my life experienced things I would never have in Greece and above all it made me love life more than ever. I am surround by amazing people and I have an amazing job that full fills me and nailing my goals in life. Well, most of them anyway. I am not fit and my bones hurts every-time I walk because I am not taking care of myself as much I should, but it is a choice that I made and I am about to change for me. 

The question is did you make a choice that impact your life that much?

PS. It hasn’t been an easy journey, also, I hope my positivity brings some light to some and help them make a better choice for them. 

Also Also I am making the choice to get back to my other loves like writing here and taking care of me.

Stay awesome Humans

Why I love New Zealand(poem?)

Why I love New Zealand(poem?)

New Zealand doesn’t have fancy coffee shops

or fancy restaurants

or fancy hotels

New Zealand have people that go out  walk and talk

Smiles flying around from grown-ups, kids, and animals

emotions that have the full spectrum.

New Zealand that accepts all body types and mental illness

because you New Zealand are cool as.


Hello, people of the world,

that was the lamest poem, I was going for a spoken poem I don’t think I did it.

Anyway, going back to Greece for a few months and in Japan, for my Honeymoon, I saw little to no emotions.

In the first situation, I noticed so many people were angry and is understandable about the situation is going on at the moment. People were trying to pick a fight with everybody, nobody was smiling, eveyone was grumpy. And In japan no emotion in their faces at all. Just kept to themselves and looking at their phones. It was quite sad really, because they looked so lonely.

I am not here to judge, but merely saying what I saw. After my trip I came to New Zealand my home now and I had a walk down the street, I saw people walking and smiling, looking at my face and smilling back, saying goodmorning and i saw a lady being misarable and it was ok because yussss finally some emotions out there. Why do we have to be those people that show no emotion? I don’t find that strong I find weak.

So let’s keep the emotion rolling.

I hope you liked my rant/motivation of emotion rolling.

the survival instict

the survival instict

you often ask yourself how the hell do people live like that? how do they survive?

when common logic is thrown out of the window you suddenly realize how dangerous is life.

being reckless is no fun! and certainly is no joke when you toying with someone else life. you wonder why people act the way they do? I know people suffer from their own problems but have the decency to be careful while you drive.

The past few days I saw so many people going against the law and being dangerous not only for themselves and others.

You wonder if these people survive base on the survival instinct alone?

I mean the only behavior can come close are animalistic behavior but even then animals are more civilized than some humans.

I feel shaken by peoples driving here because there is no law that they uphold and when those people go to a country that the law is enforced they get a shock and blame the people that they are sheep and don’t live a little!

How dare they! If I wanted a dateline rush I will do skydiving but I will not put myself and others in danger of reckless driving. Because truly that action is selfish.


Ok, Rant over! Let me know though your thoughts! love to hear them!