Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge



Hello, readers!


Well, I have a guilty pleasureย and that is Beaty and the beast stories.


So I will be beastly cruel ๐Ÿ˜› (get it?)

Anyway, this books talks about a girl Nyx that her father sold her the demon lord!

The story is a classic beauty and the beast, but the setting is Roman- Greek mythology infused with demons. It sounds confusing, but since I am Greek and I am used at the mythology, I read it quite quickly.

The book overall was an easy read, I enjoyed it. The end though wasn’t so good. I felt it was rushed and the words were written just to be there and be done with the book.

There are other books like a series, but not the same characters. They just leave in the same “universe”. I am not reading the second book because I don’t like Cinderella that much. Maybe in the future will give it a shot.


Five stages of art

  1. Yes, finally I am ready to do some art.
  2. preparing everything because you want to be ready
  3. nothing is actually working out because you fucked up a step
  4. denial, blame everything and admit to no mistake
  5. repeat.

The girl in Between by Laekan Zea Kemp




Did you missย me? I sure did miss you guys and girls!!

I come back again with another review. I picked this book because it was free in Kiddle store and since I am broke and I wanted to deviate from my list again I thought I should ready someone new!

This book is about real-life “Sleeping beauty”, but the catch is that she has KLS (sleeping disease) ย it only gets worst by the day. In the sleep state, she dreams which is unusual for this kind of illness. She meets a boy in the meantime and she tries to help him.

Well, I tell you the book kept me in suspense, but at the same time, I got a little agitatedย because it took so long to get to a resolution. I guess it’s a good thing. I wanted the story to progress faster than it did. So I don’t know if I am going to read the rest of the books! and see what happens with her illness and the boy.

I probably will, but not at this moment. It’s an easy read so go ahead and try it out.

Best advice

The best advice that my great grandpa gave me was:

In life you need three things
2. Audacity
3. Brass

So,  believe me it works.

How not to follow a diet!

Ok this is extremely important!
This is the steps of not following a diet!

1. Wake up, by your mother’s “trying to be quite”

2. Hate the diet you actually doing.

3. Get pissed off because of heat and then eat something that’s on the diet.

4. Get even more pissed of by your mother because she gave another job to do.

5. Do that job while eating two ice creams and because that’s wasn’t enough cry while you driving and realise how misarable you are.

6. Now you realised how misarable you are go and eat a chocolate mouse.

7. To top it of your night eat some french fries for dinner.

8. Next day you pretend never happen and continue with your diet and nod to everyone that says you don’t need to diet.