Linear or not



This are two example on how it looks with stronger lines!


Good morning people

So good morning, here on New Zealand is 8:27 so I thought I should post 2 cyanotype that I did yesterday here you go enjoy the wonderful cyanotype.



Google Your Name

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.41.29 pm

Do you people googleย your name? I know I do all the time, I feel so vein saying out loud, but hey I am the only person with this name and surname and all 5 pages that they are on google there about me!

Note: I found some dodgy one’s there, not mine!!!

I was tempted to be the queen of vein and create a Wikipedia page on me!

I didn’t tho because everyone can edit it and I don’t want people writing weird stuff, people on the net can be mean without reason.

SERIOUSLY tho do you google your name? Is it easy to find yourself?

I love it, by the way, gotta love the attention that I created for myself. ๐Ÿ˜›

The Library


Behold people as few of us know there is a magical place called library!!!!

I am not even joking in the library you can find dragons, vampires, werewolf, lost loves, looking for new loves, science, recipes and all these sort things that in real life it would really difficult to find.

Well as a smart cookie I am, I came up with the perfect plan.

1. Do my research find the book that I need to read.

2. Go onto the library database find it and book it( aka hold).

3. Go pick it up.

I came up with this plan because every time I went to theย library I spend hours looking to the wonders of books and I ended up not with one, but with five. No, not good Elektra, I missed all the experience of reading the book that I originally went. So my plan works and works better because I don’t have to think of other books because I am like I have no other option to read this bad boy in my hands.

So now I enjoy the experience of a good book.

Anyway my next book on the list is paper towns, I saw the trailer of the movie that’s coming out so I decided to read the book first and that I have no money to go to the movies, ten hours of work doesn’t give a lot of room to spend.

So have anybody read paper towns ? is it any good?

let me know or if you have a good book to suggest please do so I am running out of favorite writers.

In matter of life and death

I always get weird when people say:

I am pregnant!

Someone that I know and love died!

Why you tell me this news? I am horrible person to react on this news.

Scenario one:

I am pregnant!

me: yay!(not) why? didn’t you use contraceptive method? are you going to keep it?

their answer: yes! I am so happy!

me: are you sure you going to keep it? what about a job, are you ready?

I become the worst nightmare I doubt everything, bringing a life into the world is a big deal.

Scenario two:

someone is dead:

me: I am so sorry, for the record you are alive,

or they lived a happy life and an awkward pat in the back.

I feel so guilty not be able to be a normal human being when it comes to those situations, now when I hear that kind of news I am like and this is my cue to go.

Do people feel like that? Are there people out there that they more awkward than me? please tell me I need to know that I am not alone in this.



Tea, paper , calligraphy and pens. I have to day I prefer the brush or the nib, but I wasn’t around them today so my apologies if the drawing is not nice ..


So here you go I re-do it with my brushes and add some blossoms not feeling so well

Beautiful winter’s day


I walked to tech to cut my gorgeous paper for my cyanotype and then I applied it while I was coughing .. go away cough I don’t need you! Tune in cause I will be putting up some drawing in today … stay awesome



So this one of my doodles and because I haven’t posted for a couple of days with drawings so I figured that you forgive me if I manipulated one of my drawing and make it into a bizarre thing